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Added protection for your eyes when wearing a mask !

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Added protection for your eyes when wearing a mask ! 

How are your eyes connected to your respiratory system?

Our eyes are lined by mucous membranes, which a covered with a thick protective fluid. The main function of this membrane is to stop dirt and germs from entering your body through the eyes. It also serves to help keep your eyes moist and hydrated. The tear duct (nasolacrimal duct) in the corner of the eye drains the lacrimal fluid into the nasal cavity. This is why your nose runs and breathing can become difficult when weeping: the lacrimal fluid not only overflows into tears, it also floods the nasal cavity.

Consequently, the mucous membrane and the tear ducts are other points of access for the coronavirus to enter your respiratory system.

It is thought that the virus can also be spread by someone who is infected, through tears. Therefore, it is really important that if someone with Covid19, is crying, that they dispose of their dirty tissues extremely carefully and that any surfaces affected are thoroughly cleaned.