​​​​​​​N A I L   S A V E R

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  • Keysie Patterns

    Keysie Patterns

    Buy pretty patterned Keysies & Coins which open parcels and lots of food packaging; saves your nails opening keyrings, lifting ring-pulls, staples and picture framing clips; unlocks shopping trolleys (open-locks only - Keysie Coin supplied as standard for closed-locks) and is always there because it clicks on and off your keyring acting as a colourful and personal key fob. Free UK Standard Carriage applied at checkout ! A "Pot-Luck" Keysie is randomly chosen from this theme group and delivered on an instructional card, with a Keysie Coin. Yes, buy 5 for the price of 4 , or 25 Christmas stocking fillers for even less  !!

    If you would like to bulk-buy to re-sell, or promote your business with branding, please visit

  • Keysie Pastels

    Keysie Pastels

    4 x pastel shades of Keysie on a card - your nail-saver !

    Bunch them with your FREE Keysie COIN

    Opens keyrings
    unlocks many supermarket trolleys 
    'cuts' open taped parcels
    even pierces food packaging
    lifts ring-pulls 
    and does lots of other nasty nail-risking jobs ! 
    Keysie - the useful kitchen and keyring accessory

    Available for re-sale - small footprint display - call 01750 700029 or email for more info if you are a re-seller or would like to brand Keysie for your business

  • Keysie Bottle Opener

    Keysie Bottle Opener

    Cast metal bottle-opener and Keysie Keyring companion - an everlasting safe-blade parcel and packaging opener, ring pull lifter and all the other features of your patented plastic Keysie ! Attach it with a carabiner to your keyring.
  • KEYSIE Countertop DISPLAY

    KEYSIE Countertop DISPLAY

    Small but perfectly formed display for your clients' favourite inpulse buy - KEYSIE!

    Delivered flat-pack for easy assembly. Attach your free Keysie to illustrate how Keysie Saves Nails ! 

  • Keysie Couple

    Keysie Couple

    Our Nail Saving Necessity - coupled with KeysieCoin, a useful trolley or locker-room token.

    If "Keysie can't unlock a locker ....KeysieCoin can"

  • Keysie Keyring

    Keysie Keyring

    Keysie Couple  joins a matching Keyring to create a lovely gift
  • Keysie Laser Branded (x50)

    Keysie Laser Branded (x50)

    Promote your Business with a unique branded gift or re-sale item. Supplied on a backing card with a Keysie TrolleyCoin. Send a High Res image of your logo with your order please.