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  • Keysie - Dye-Sub Branded x 25

    Keysie - Dye-Sub Branded x 25

    Dye sublimation-print branding with laser engraving as necessary - on a selection of lighter Keysie base colours. Quality will depend on your artwork so the bigger and clearer the better. The background Keysie colour will affect your brand slightly (we can't print white with dye sub .. so it can be partially transparent depending on your design).

    Supplied on a backing card with info-graphics on the back, and free Keysie Coin (trolley token)

  • Keysie Laser Branded (x50)

    Keysie Laser Branded (x50)

    Promote your Business with a unique branded gift or re-sale item. Supplied on a backing card with a Keysie TrolleyCoin. Send a High Res image of your logo with your order please.
  • Keysie - Digital Colour Branded (x50)

    Keysie - Digital Colour Branded (x50)

    Digitally colour-printed branding on a wide selection of Keysie base backgrounds including dark colours. Digital printing is crisp and clear (assuming your artwork is too!) and because it prints white ink too can produce spectacular colours on any background. May not be quite as resilient as dye-sublimation but the quality is as good and as acceptable as any branding on promotional goods.
  • Keysie Patterns

    Keysie Patterns

    Buy pretty patterned Keysies & Coins which open parcels and lots of food packaging; saves your nails opening keyrings, lifting ring-pulls, staples and picture framing clips; unlocks shopping trolleys (open-locks only - Keysie Coin supplied as standard for closed-locks) and is always there because it clicks on and off your keyring acting as a colourful and personal key fob. Free UK Standard Carriage applied at checkout ! A "Pot-Luck" Keysie is randomly chosen from this theme group and delivered on an instructional card, with a Keysie Coin. Yes, buy 5 for the price of 4 , or 25 Christmas stocking fillers for even less  !!

    If you would like to bulk-buy to re-sell, or promote your business with branding, please visit

  • Keysie Pastels

    Keysie Pastels

    4 x pastel shades of Keysie on a card - your nail-saver !

    Bunch them with your FREE Keysie COIN

    Opens keyrings
    unlocks many supermarket trolleys 
    'cuts' open taped parcels
    even pierces food packaging
    lifts ring-pulls 
    and does lots of other nasty nail-risking jobs ! 
    Keysie - the useful kitchen and keyring accessory

    Available for re-sale - small footprint display - call 01750 700029 or email for more info if you are a re-seller or would like to brand Keysie for your business

  • Keysie Bottle Opener

    Keysie Bottle Opener

    Cast metal bottle-opener and Keysie Keyring companion - an everlasting safe-blade parcel and packaging opener, ring pull lifter and all the other features of your patented plastic Keysie ! Attach it with a carabiner to your keyring.
  • KEYSIE Countertop DISPLAY

    KEYSIE Countertop DISPLAY

    Small but perfectly formed display for your clients' favourite inpulse buy - KEYSIE!

    Delivered flat-pack for easy assembly. Attach your free Keysie to illustrate how Keysie Saves Nails ! 

  • Keysie Couple

    Keysie Couple

    Our Nail Saving Necessity - coupled with KeysieCoin, a useful trolley or locker-room token.

    If "Keysie can't unlock a locker ....KeysieCoin can"

  • Keysie Keyring

    Keysie Keyring

    Keysie Couple  joins a matching Keyring to create a lovely gift