'Junior' (shoe)Tag for Laces, Velcro or (wrist, bag) Straps

Product code: LOVTAGJA
Small ("Junior") Universal personal identification tag for 1. SHOES or BOOTS with LACES and 2. SHOES or BOOTS with VELCRO fastening 3. STRAPS - attach it to your watch strap, bag strap or any open ended wrist or ankle strap

Product information

We introduced these in 2009 - Junior Clubtags (personal identification tag) for School/Club SHOES or BOOTS with LACES Or VELCRO fastening AND WRIST (watch) or BAG straps

Laces pass above the tag but near the edge and Velcro passes UNDER the TAG FACE - so all your print is visible on top, whichever type of shoe is worn. Wear it on your watch strap for visible ID. Find your own way of fixing it to whatever you want ! We'd love to hear your suggestions !

Your Junior Clubtag is the key to legitimate MEMBERSHIP or OWNERSHIP so show it off!   Lots of colours to choose from