Keysie Patterns

2 x Patterned Keysies with 2 x Rings. Choices of patterning which may change without notice ! Opens parcels and most food packaging; saves your nails by opening keyrings, lifting ring-pulls, staples and picture framing clips; it unlocks shopping trolleys (open locks only) and is always there because it clicks on and off your keyring acting as a colourful and personal key fob. Free UK Standard Carriage applied at checkout ! Please ask about BRANDING.
£3.33 (ex. VAT)
Leafy Vegetables
Flower Power
Camouflaged Skulls

Product information

What do you use Keysie for ? 

Keysie opens keyrings instead of your nail. It opens anything you would use your nail for. It's a SAFE-BLADE and opens parcels (and we're all getting more and more of them these days!). Keysie clicks on and off of your keyring or just 'hangs around' in your pocket or purse. 

Share this duo of colourful Keysies with Rings to others or keep them for yourself so you are never without a Keysie ! Petterns are unusual and can be used as key-ring identification

Always keep your Keysie close with a 2+2 pack.