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  • ClipFitter


    Precision compound-lever plier for fitting Lamb Clips. Generates necessary closing force to produce the effect of anaesthesia. Please take note of lamb weight recommendations when you choose your clips and fitter, IF YOU BUY SET OF 3 - always have the right Clip at the right time.
  • Portable Lamb Cradle

    Portable Lamb Cradle

    •  A cradle calms the lamb, holding it firmly but gently to allow you to work hands free. It hooks onto your lambing pens and weighs in at 4 kgs only ! The top arm swings up and away to release or load, or can be held in position with a bungee cord. There is a great amount of flexibility and self adjustment allowing lambs of most sizes to fit. A second bungee cord can be used to control a wriggler ! Buy them from selected merchants too.
  • Lamb Clips (x100)

    Lamb Clips (x100)

    Use Clips instead of Rings at Marking Time, for a rapid recovery. Clips are a huge step forward for lambkind and young lambs more than you can imagine. You have a choice of sizes and lead times for your order - please see the lamb average weight recommendations and respective price discounts for longer lead times.

  • Small Padlock Tag x 10

    Small Padlock Tag x 10

    Just like a safety pin, Small Padlock tags are colourful temporary or permanent marker tag for .... whatever you like ! Branded for your products or simply numbered as unique identifiers.  Sold in multiples of 10. Lock them with a pinch if you want them permanent. Press the black-lamb photo below to watch a video of how they are used.
  • BitBetter


    Advanced Beak Bit Fitter with a very smooth action. Buy beak bits from your usual source.

  • Ring Kebabs

    Ring Kebabs

    David Sullivan well known Shepherd and Story teller, won Farmer category innovation prize at NSA's Sheep 2022 event. We won the Trade version ! 
    His 'kebab' conveniently delivers rings to a single handed shepherd provided they have pre-loaded the 'skewers'. 
    Our version of David's original idea is a plastic rod with ball end, and to load the rings you simply prod the rod down onto each ring poured onto a flat surface, and it will pick them up, one after another !

    Ring kebabs hold exactly 20 rings and they are moulded in pink and blue so that you can keep count of male and female lambs processed on the day. 2x pink and 4x blue per pack (more for the boys, for obvious reasons)

    Ring kebabs hang from a your jacket or belt or our lamb cradle if you have one. Rings not included - buy rings from your usual supplier.