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  • ClipFitter


    Precision compound-lever plier for fitting Lamb Clips. Generates necessary closing force to produce the effect of anaesthesia. Please take note of lamb weight recommendations when you choose your clips and fitter. Please remember that the MidiFitter can fit Midi and Mini clips with care, and MaxiFitter can fit all three although it might be a large instrument to use on small lambs ! One day the Maxi might be the only Fitter you need for lambs older than 7 -10 days, and the Double handled version would then be the most ergonomic style because you are holding it at it's centre of gravity, so it feels lighter.

  • Portable Lamb Cradle

    Portable Lamb Cradle

    •  A cradle calms the lamb, holding it firmly but gently to allow you to work hands free. It hooks onto your lambing pens and weighs in at 4 kgs only ! The top arm swings up and away to release or load, or can be held in position with a bungee cord. There is a great amount of flexibility and self adjustment allowing lambs of most sizes to fit. A second bungee cord can be used to control a wriggler ! Buy them from selected merchants too.
  • Lamb Clips (x100)

    Lamb Clips (x100)

    You have a choice of sizes, so please see the lamb maximum weight suggestions and respective prices for different materials. PLEASE use the BIO on tails only this season and keep a close eye on them. TAKE CARE NOT TO BUY TOO SMALL A CLIP - the clip can fail to close properly in there is too much flesh to close over. Assuming you buy a bigger Fitter, then you can buy a selection of clip sizes to use as appropriate.